Can I have live reload via QR code - like the NS playground, or RN cli?


I am just starting with NS and I am having trouble setting it up to live reload on my device. I really liked how React Native did it - QR code from the CLI accessed on the phone via the expo app. Got my hopes up when I tried the NS playground with it’s live-reload solution.

Any way to do that for an app I generated using the NativeScript sidekick or CLI?


If you run your app using
tns run ios or tns run android then you will see live changes as you save your files.

Also if you use VScode with nativescript, you can do live debugging with breakpoints (even conditional breakpoints)

here you go


This works when your device is plugged in via USB, configured to be a development device and requires the SDKs installed, correct?


Myself I develop with the emulators (much easier and less hassle), I only test on the device the working versions of the app


Oh I see. I used to work using emulators, however I run into issues when attempting to test iOS devices from my windows machine. Also the setup is annoying and requires everyone on the team to be in sync.

My preferred method is to use React Native’s or PhoneGap’s (device agnostic) QR code based debugger. It requires no setup. Simply install the tester app (like the nativescript preview app), scan a QR code and start working. The build process is often handled on a remote (cloud) build server so no SDKs are needed.

It’s easy to get my whole team to adopt that style as it’s a low time, high return investment.

While I love NativeScript, because of that alone, I doubt my team would adopt it.


Did you checkout cloud build in NativeScript Sidekick

but as far as QR based reloading, I think this is only available at playground for now, maybe I’m wrong


You can wirelessly connect your android device as well.

Make sure your laptop and phone are on same wifi netwrok

Connect phone via usb
Run adb tcpip 5555
Run adb connect <device ip address>

Now you can remove usb cable and enjoy wireless live reload :slight_smile:


Usb debugging (running app on a real device)
Live preview iOS/android like PhoneGap on Windows/VS Code

Thanks for you answer. Yeah that is a solution, doesn’t solve my requirements though. This still wouldn’t allow me to develop on iOS from a Windows machine or an Android without setting up the SDK.

I’ll hold out, love NativeScript, so I’ll keep an eye out for simplified development using the preview app + QR.
Maybe I’ll just develop my whole app using the playground - haha!


If you build on the cloud using sidekick then you don’t need to setup sdk locally