Can I create an iOS app extension with NativeScript?


We are evaluating whether or not it would be viable to switch our app from being built with Xamarin (as is today) to NativeScript. One thing I am not able to find any information on are iOS App Extensions. Our Xamarin.iOS app has an action app extension that is a pretty critical piece of functionality. Can I create an action app extension with NativeScript? If so, where can I find docs on how to do this?


I think it must be possible as similar issue was discussed and marked as done here.

There is a blog and sample project, did you try them? Yet they are old, but I think it should give you some ideas where / how to start.


Thanks @manojdcoder . I was hoping to find some guidance on an action app extension specifically but I will try to piece things together from these two similar examples. It seems that it is possible though, just not really documented very well.


Hi, did you figure out how to do this?


Unfortunately it does not seem possible at this time. I tried several approaches, but ultimately ran into issues that I could not figure out. I opened an issue on GitHub here, but never got a reply:

Please let me know if we figure anything out since I am still trying to get this working myself.


I’m still looking into how this can be done, but I’m still wandering in the dark. Maybe @NathanaelA or @pana can shed some light on this?