Camera-Plus previes stopped showing the preview


Hi, I had the NativeScript-Camera-Plus plugin working in my app. I had my live preview on the complete screen and some icons overlaying the preview. This stopped working somehow. Now i still see the plugin activated in the debugger, no errors, permission to the camera is granted and still my preview is blanc white… Anyone have an idea what direction i have to look… I tested on multiple androids. ?
I reinstalled the plugin , removed/added platform …
regards Bert


Check whether preview works in your default camera app in device. I have seen this issue in some devices recently, the camera itself crashes so it won’t show preview until you restart.


Thanks, The default camera was working fine. I did however find the cause…(not a solution at this moment) : I retraced my app form a previous working version, and found that adding npn - xmldom (0.1.27) is the culprit…
I added the xmldom bezause i need to get the value that is returned by a http.getString , from a service, (it returns a xml-page) containing some text in the inner child

var dom = require("xmldom").DOMParser; 
var doc = new dom().parseFromString(response);
var token =;

If i succeed i shall report so.


So It panned out not to be a problem using the XMLDOM as such, it works fine… only i installed it with the --save option and after re-installing all the plugins it seemed to keep on working. the actual reason is not 100% sure, but i dont have the time to research this any further at the moment. regards Bert