Camera-Plus plugin allways saves lowest resolution


Hi, I am using the camera-plus plugin with succes, (in android) but when i save the picture, it always saves a 144 x 176 resolution picture. my test device has a much higher resolution. anybody got a clue what could be going wrong ?
I discovered that this behaviour was limited to a specific device , on another device the resolution was as expected. still cant figure out why though…

and also, is there any example code for ios that uses this plugin ?


You can find the complete demo in the plugin repo itself.


I tried that allready. the demo does not run
, and also i am using JS not TypeScript. I tried using the example code in this demo (converting it to JS as well as i can) but it does not work . is there a JS example ?

I used the code (also TS) from Brad Martin

When i take a picture, the CameraPlus.photoCapturedEvent is triggered, and file is saved, but i never reach the HEREIAM lines…

the TS code that Brad used was

const cam = topmost().currentPage.getViewById("camPlus") as CameraPlus;
cam.on(CameraPlus.photoCapturedEvent, args => {`
fromAsset( => {      })   });

my JS code is

function onNavigatingTo(args) 
    var page = args.object;
    global.CurPage = page;
    var cam = CurPage.getViewById("ca`Preformatted text`mPlus");
    cam.on(CameraPlus.photoCapturedEvent, function (args) {
        console.log ( "HEREIAM 1"); 
        fromAsset( (result) {
     console.log ( "HEREIAM 2"); 
            // result is an ImageSource that we got by using fromAsset in the image-source module.