Camera crop box in vanilla nativescript


Hi all,
When the user clicks on take picture option I want to draw a box with specified dimensions(a square) on the screen, when he snaps the button I want only that box part to be captured.
Is it possible in vanilla-nativescript !! Is there any plugin available ??


This looks like a decent option:


Hi @Eddy thanks for the reply,

This is not the plugin I am looking for, I don’t want the crop operation after the capture. I want to show that crop box when he is trying to capture the image. Is there any alternate plugin ??


Hi @sagar1911.
Old post, but im looking for this too. Any luck ?


Hi @Konrad,
I have used nativescript-na-camera, but that’s only for iOS. we have modified the code to support Android. But I suggest go with nativescript-camera-plus a recent publish.


Thanks for the info. I hope i will be able to adjust this too.
Cheers @sagar1911 !