Calendar is too big


im trying to use a RadCalendar :slight_smile: but i have a one problem i cannot add my custom bottom menu under a calendar :frowning: calendar is too big and menu is under the screen, but if and add someting above calendar, calendar is fitting ok.

there is my code example and screens:

<ActionBar title="xBroker Mobile - Terminarz"></ActionBar>
<FlexboxLayout flexDirection="column" class="page"> 
<StackLayout flexgrow="1"> 
    <radCalendar id="calendar"></radCalendar>


<StackLayout class="hr-light"></StackLayout>
<ScrollView orientation="horizontal">
    <StackLayout orientation="horizontal">    
        <MenuItem *ngFor="let item of menuService.getItems()" [iconName]="item.iconName" [text]="item.text" [link]="" [selected]="item.selected" [onTap]="onTap"></MenuItem>

Sorry for my wooden English :slight_smile:


Here’s a simple example:

You could use a grid layout and insert as many rows as you want below the calendar. You can specify heights in percentages or in pixels.