Calc(height) problem




Because Nativescript does not support (yet) calc height functions in css like
height: calc(100% - 300px);
I am trying to find a suitable solution for it.

I can´t use platform like
to find the height of a screen and then take 300 from that because if I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S9 there are two different height´s the user can choose from and the platform always gives the same height.

What I am trying to do is basically
<StackLayout height=“150px” width="100%>
<StackLayout height=“calc(100%-300px)” width="100%>
<StackLayout height=“150px” width="100%>

Does anyone have any ideas how I can solve this for example using typescript variables, view or something comparable???

Thank you very much


You may do something like this,


Unfortunately, your method works the same as using platform and I still have the same problem.

You can check it by clicking the link


I figured out what I was doing wrong.
GridLayout rows="*, auto"
StackLayout row=“0” /StackLayout
StackLayout row=“1” height=“150” /StackLayout

By doing this, the first StackLayout takes up all the available space except for the auto part which is fixed at 150 :smiley: