Build is incomplete


Please assist, when I create the template hello-world app it just writes installing tns-template-hello-world and it stops, it does not continue to build the app until it says build successful.

and it creates a folder with package.json file only


you should give nativescript-sidekick, it provides you with multiple starter templates, easy plugin and permission management … etc

and are you creating the template hello-world app for Angular or javascript? it also would be helpful if you share the logs


Hi, I’m creating for the javascript.
If I may ask how do I access the logs so that I will share them, I’m a bit new in nativescript?


the logs when you write
tns create HelloWorld --template nativescript-template-tutorial

in your terminal, you should verify your tns installation similar to here

and finally what your node version?

I just tried to create HelloWorld nativescript-template and it worked fine, so it must be a problem with your installation


Node version 6.22.3
CLI version 3.3.0

I did everything as per the installation steps and when run tns doctor it says the following:
Your components are up to date: nativescript,tns-core-modules, tns-android, tns-ios
No issues were detected.


hmm thats strange, try to create an app using nativescript-sidekick and its templates, see if it also gives the same behaviour