Build failed. Only 8, 16, 24, or 32 bits supported: 872


Hope I categorised this correctly…

Hi all,

I’m getting the above error when building my release app for Android using my keystore. I’ve dug around the web looking for an answer and the typical answer (found in {N} documentation and Github articles) is to convert the .keystore to a .p12 file.

They make mention to use Java Keytool in my CLI. I did that and the output said that the file is stored in /users/my_username/.keystore. Does anyone know how/where I can access this file as it’s not in my Mac’s keychain?

Also, I used another piece of software which converted it to a .p12 but the build still failed with the same error - does anyone know how else to convert these files?

This is urgent please as the app is live for a treasure hunt on Saturday 4 August, and this is the last remaining hurdle before completing the builds. I got the iOS build done and completed yesterday.

Please help asap.


Best practice for minimum and target API levels for Android

I’m not a Sidekick user, I would simply use the built-in GUI interface in Android Studio to create keystore.