Bounty on plugin PRs for 3.0 compatibility!


We’re in the process of ensuring that our Community Plugins are ready for the upcoming 3.0 release. Everyone on this forum has used a plugin, I’m sure, to build an app! Now, it’s time to show some love to the hardworking plugin authors who do such a great job.

Here’s a list of our community plugins:

Here is documentation on how to upgrade:

Here’s the deal: Submit a PR that is accepted by a plugin author to make a plugin 3.0 compatible, and I’ll ship you a package of NativeScript swag!

You know we’re all about that swag

Here’s how to help:

A good example of how an external PR was accepted to upgrade a plugin to 3.0 is here:

Questions? Ping me here or on Community Slack!


If anyone missed out on this and is still looking to cash in on some NativeScript swag, the NativeScript contacts plugin needs some help for 3.0 on Android: :slight_smile: