Bottom navbar gets pushed up by the keyboard


In the project I’m using a bottom navigation bar, RadSideDrawer and a SearchBar. The problem is that when i tap the SearchBar, the keyboard pops up and resizes the main layout and pushes up the bottom nav bar. Not sure if RadSideDrawer is the cause of it, but from what I’ve seen, it seems to be connected with the bug in some way. More details below.

You can recreate the issue with the provided sample by:

  1. Start the application …/
  2. Tap on the Search Bar and you may or may not see the bug immediately.
  3. Tap where it says panadol, then go back and tap the search bar, you won’t see the navbar getting pushed up.
  4. Tap on the menu icon in the ActionBar while the keyboard is up and you will see a glimpse of the bug (the keyboard pushes up the nav bar)
  5. Tap the menu icon again and the nav bar will go down
  6. From the side drawer, tap on Medications and then go back to the first page.
  7. Tap again the SearchBar and the keyboard will push up the navbar.

As you can see the behavior is pretty random which I don’t understand why is happening. I tried mitigating the bug by making it so that when you press on Medications in the sidedrawer, the drawer closes first and then it navigates to a route. While it does lessen the frequency of the bug, its not really a fix and it still happens. That’s why I’m guessing the RadSideDrawer is connected in some way.

Heres a sample: