Both platform's controls to look the same?


I’m using NS to create a simple app.
The requiremenets is that both platform will look the same.

But of course- when it comes to controls - there is a difference.
i’m sure i’m not the first one to ask - but is there any css files that makes android controls to look like the IOS ( and vice verse) ?

  • So I won’t need to deal with border , background colors( etc ) of controls.


Hey @Royi_Namir,

I think you’ll find that if you use the NativeScript core theme that most of the UI controls will look nearly identical on both platforms, for example

Now there will be some differences, especially using form controls like slides and switches, so it kind of depends on what you’re building.

In any case, I think the NativeScript Core Theme is the closest thing you’ll find that meets your requirements. I’d get started by learning the theme’s class names and using them. Then, if you see any differences that you absolutely need to work around, to post them here and see if we can help.


Thanks for reply but :

Does you solution provides :

IOS controls And android controls --------------> to a united - non -platform -related styling ?

Rather than a CSS which makes android controls looks like IOS controls ( and vice verse)