Binding "unsafe" text to label


Quick question to the NativeScript experts here!

I have an object defined on the typescript side:

let test = { icon: "", desc: "Settings" };

I want to use the “icon” field (which is a font-awesome icon) in my layout:

<Label text="{{ test.icon }}" class="font-awesome"></Label>

However, it renders the text as-is instead of the icon. It works if I hard-code it in the HTML, but I can’t do that for this application. In the web Angular world we had the DomSanitizer which could enable “unsafe” HTML, but is there an equivalent in NativeScript?


Your icon is written in XML / HTML encoded format, when you directly apply it through JavaScript you must create the exact string version (like String.fromCharCode(0xf043)) then assign it.


Oh of course, I’m an idiot. Thanks for the quick resolution.