Best practice for minimum and target API levels for Android


Hi all, I’m about to publish my app and just want to know what the current best practice is for setting the minimum SDK version and target SDK version of my app?

Ideally, obviously, I’d like to cast as wide a net as possible, keeping in mind my plugins. What is the best approach?

Could someone also please explain why we have both a target and a minimum? And what exactly do they mean?

I know others have these questions too, so am hoping we can answer them here for those people too :slight_smile:


I would say just go with the defaults. Modify minimum target only if you don’t want to support any older versions of Android, NativeScript targets for Jelly Bean by default.

As per Google’s recent notice, any new apps / updates being submitted to Google Play must target Oreo or later.


@manojdcoder thanks! Which one came first, Jelly Bean or Oreo?

So if I leave the taget and minimum blank on Sidekick it will just build for the defaults? I’m happy with that!


Here you can find the Android API level history.

Yes, leave them blank it should do.


Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

YUOu’ve helped me a lot before, regarding getting my environment ready for {N} dev, I’ve since moved to cloud builds as I prefer that approach but am running into Android certificate issues. Any chance you know how to resolve my issue on: Build failed. Only 8, 16, 24, or 32 bits supported: 872

I’m desperate. Have tried everything. Have followed the recommendations as per Nativescript Known Issues page and using keytool to convert. Nothing works.