Best phone model for emulation


What model iPhone and/or Android phone (emulated) do you most use when developing for {NS}? Is there a particular version of iOS or Android platform that you test with as well?


I have 3 groups:
iphone 5 - different resulution compared to 6,7,8
iphone 6,7,8 (with and wiithout S)
iphone 10

So, first im working with group 2 - no matter if it’s 6 or 7 as i see similar view on all of them
next, when im done, i’m checking on iphone 10 as this model has differences.
lastly, im tweaking iphone 5 as everything seems bigger on this model.


This makes a lot of sense, to test the middle-sized phones first, then the newest and then the oldest. Do the older phones perform better during development, perhaps because they use less graphics/cpu resources? Thanks! Oh, do you do the same for Android?


Well, android is worst, i think. Too many models.In fact, right now i mainly code for IOS, whan i’ll finish 2 apps for IOS and release them, i will check android, now i have no experience with android…Cheers.