Back button disappears after loading content


I have a number of pages that load content and more often than not the back button will appear then disappear in the action bar once the content has fully loaded which means I cannot go back to my previous page.

Occasionally all is good and I can navigate as expected but this is really frustrating.

The app is built in playground and tested on iOS via the Playground App and Preview.


is it only on iOS? It can happen if you clear history of the back stack while navigating.

If you think it’s issue, try to share the sample where we can reproduce it.


I only clear history on the first page after login so that users cannot go back to the login page. After that the history remains when moving between pages.

It the back button will appear then disappear which I believe wouldn’t happen if the history was cleared.

I’ll try to post an example.


Can you share the link to this playground app. We can take a look into it and tell you what is going wrong.


OK this is an odd one that at the moment I cannot recreate. I had a minor bug in my page. The page loaded fine and displayed the data fine but I was getting a property error on an item. Fixed that and the issue with the back button disappearing was also fixed even though the two were unrelated.

I’ve tried to undo the fix to create the problem again but have been unable to do so.