Auth0 Support for NativeScript



I’m developing my first NativeScript app and I’m loving it so far! I am trying to figure out the best way to manage access to multiple APIs for a single user - think like a smart home sort of thing where I want to combine off-the-shelf hardware and services from different manufacturers under one umbrella. I need to manage permissions for various APIs depending on that user’s hardware collection, as well as their account with my own app.

I think a solution like Auth0 is right up my alley - it looks like they have support for adding multiple APIs and linking accounts between the same user, plus I think they support syncing up with Firebase for notifications. They don’t currently support the NativeScript SDK, but their website says support is on its way!

If you like the sound of that sort of feature, you should go to their site ( and give them a quick ‘thumbs up’ to say we want them to work on NativeScript!

In the meantime, can anyone suggest an alternative approach to managing this sort of case? I feel like I should avoid trying to simply store individual users’ tokens and other API authentication information in my own database, and I don’t want to fire off a zillion individual requests each time my user logs in to get new active tokens.

Any and all help would be appreciated.



I’m pretty sure we have a working Auth0 plugin.

@sitefinitysteve what’s the status of this?


Honestly I got it up to the point of working, but then Auth0 themselves basically shot it in the face because they refuse to add the ObjC bridging headers… so we can’t do basic things like style it at all, or change scopes.

I will accept PRs and stuff to the plugin clearly, but I moved our app (which was being planned with Auth0) to firebase because of this so I haven’t pushed it ahead much in the last few months,

Someone issued a PR today I need to checkout


I was looking at that plugin and I got the sense that it was mainly geared towards the “social media sign-on” component of Auth0, but I think I am more interested in Auth0’s “Delegation” feature - I want to be able to access various external APIs on behalf of my user, not just authenticate a user using an external account.

It’s very likely that I could be completely misunderstanding some things here since this is my first time dealing this kind of delegated authentication.

Here is an example scenario for what I have in mind:

  1. User owns Device_1 (with corresponding API_1) and Device_2 (with corresponding API_2)
  2. User “registers” both devices with their profile in my application - application receives appropriate access + refresh tokens for API_1 and API_2
  3. (Magical things happen where the various tokens are stored and tied back to User)
  4. Application accesses API_1 and API_2 for device statuses and receives push notifications for Device_1 and Device_2 (that part is probably a separate issue).

Is that something that the Auth0 plugin is already equipped to handle?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to help.