ARCHIVE FAILED - Suggestion for Sidekick Auto generate assets


@tjvantoll Not sure who to escalate this to, please redirect if you know :slight_smile:

I had Apple build creashes as reported in the following link:

When I investigated it turned out that the images I had auto generated via Sidekick (splashscreens and icons) were not square as the original source image wasn’t square . - but it worked on Android and thus I initially didn’t know that was the issue.

The recommendation is that Sidekick warn users when they are attempting to use noin-square images as source for auto-generation :slight_smile:


The image generator is not responsible for analysing your image, it just generates multiple copies with different dimensions to make your job quick.

A note about squared images in the Sidekick’s icons section may be a nice to have feature. You may file a feature request in the Sidekick Feedback repo.


Ok cool, thanks. Will do!