AR with NativeScript


Is anyone working with AR/SLAM using NativeScript? If so, I would really appreciate pointers. Thanks much :slight_smile:


I am not, but any Native code should work fine, all that being said it would be a ad premature seeing as ARKit is RIGHT on the horizon :smiley: Kinda glad I haven’t just yet!


ARKit does look impressive and I hope we get NativeScript bindings as early as we can. But again, this limits us to iOS. I was hoping to experiment with cross platform AR implementations. Also, I’m here because I come with a JavaScript background with no native dev experience at this time.

It would be fun to implement AR using NativeScript.


Wonder if this would be something we could integrate?


Thanks for sharing this Jen. I think this works in the browser. A webview i think. This should be implementable as is for sure. But a really good solution would ideally be something that works natively, using the device’s camera and without a WebView. Again, not an expert on this, but I think that is how it might work better.


Now you’ve piqued our interest, and we are looking at this - there are several plugins already built, wonder if we could do one for {N}!


I’m so glad to hear that @jen.looper! Thank you :slight_smile:

It would be just awesome to have a plugin to incorporate AR/SLAM using the Wikitude SDK. SLAM is amazing! Also, as @sitefinitysteve mentioned, ARKit in iOS 11 is also something that needs attention going forward.


BOOM! This just happened!


Wow! This is pure love! Thank you so much for this feature team.