AppModule.resources is undefined!



I’m trying to follow this part of the documentation for {N} Core

when I do

app = require("application")

I am getting undefined

therefore I’m not able to add a convertor to the app module resources.

Is there something that I’m missing?


I created a vanilla app and get the same. If you stringify application you get:


Wondering if there’s an issue with the docs.


Yes there could be an issue with the docs here.
should I try to assign an empty object to app.resources
and then use it?

Update: tried it, it didn’t work.
JS: Cannot find function or filter: dateConverter


if you want to post in an edit or question, there’s a link to the docs repo at the bottom


I’ve created an issue on github


Replied to the issue on GutHub. Spoiler: use app.getResources() (docs need an update).


Thanks @Eddy, that works <3
I’ll update the docs and submit PR


Great - now please continue being awesome!