Application files restored


I created a new application in Sidekick and updated it in Visual Studio Code. Was working through the development and somehow, I am not sure, the application .js files were simply restored to the initial content when I created the application! I was working in the home-view only. For a full day, this seemed to work just fine. Today, when I started working the files were as I left them. Then, after about an hour or so, the files, again just the .js files were “refreshed” to actual initial values before. Now, it seems this happens very frequently. Could this be an issue with git? I doubt it, since this was a new application. I was doing cloud builds and incremental testing leaving Visual Studio Code open.

Some setting? Some configuration? I can duplicate this all too easily. Any help appreciated.


Well, it turns out that this is exactly what is to happen! Do not change the .js, change the associated .ts.