Application Cache Error event: Manifest fetch failed (-1)


In my console, Sometimes the given error occurred but its not disturbs the app.


chromium: [INFO:CONSOLE(0)] "Application Cache Checking event", source:
ads/static/mad/sdk/native/sdk-core-v40-loader.html (0)
chromium: [INFO:CONSOLE(0)] "Application Cache Error event: Manifest fetch failed (-1)", source: https://googleads.g.doublecli (0)
E/Ads     ( 4224): JS: Not allowed to load local resource: file:///android_asset/webkit/android-weberror.png

I got confused why its occurred! Please suggest!


Just something logged occasionally by Chrome or Android’s WebView, just ignore. Or use the 3.2 version of the CLI which should take care of filtering irrelevant logs that do not happen in the same process as that of your app.


Now i am working on 3.0.3 version of the CLI.

i. If i update to 3.2 version means, Already used plugins in my app will work as expected or not?

ii. Is it must to do changes on used plugins as per breaking changes of 3.2 version?

Or update on CLI version will not affect the existing plugins usage in app?


There should be no problems with plugins, or your code for that matter, if updating a minor version of any of the components. CLI 3.* should be compatible with runtimes and tns-core-modules 3.*

Also CLI shouldn’t break plugins in any way.


After update to Cli 3.2 version, Unfortunately app has stopped occurred once splashscreen was loaded :thinking:.
tns info
recent tns info
Regarding this i have raised the new topic here.
What i did wrong? Any help on this!