App_Resources android files not copied to platforms



Hi, I’ve added a strings.xml and colors.xml to App_Resources/Android/values and values-v21 directory but when I run the project these files are not copied to platforms.

I’ve tried to delete platform and re-add again, and tns run without platform added with the same result, these files are not modified copied to platforms. In platforms directory only appear original files without my modifications.

I’m not sure but I think this issue is happening after upgrade to 4.2.4

Modifying info.plist for ios is working fine. The modifications are translated to platforms.

Any idea?


have u tried deleting platform and nodemodules and run project …


Yeahh, several times, in Windows and Mac systems.:sleepy:

tns platform remove android
tns platform add android

Also I’ve deleted several times node_modules directory and again reinstalled.

The same result, my files are not copied to platforms.


It was solved… Nativescript-cli issues