API documentation is hard to use (if at all) on Safari, FF



Just started with NativeScript and I find the API documentation is hard to use. Here are some examples.

  1. Index links do not jump to anchors
    Most classes have an Index table at the top of the page that lists methods/variables. When I click on any of these links, they supposed to jump to their respective anchor on the same page, but they do not. Instead, the page just simply reloads.

  2. Search: Preparing search index on every page
    Every time I go to a new page for a class or other definition and I try to search for something (using the search at the top of the page), it keeps giving me the message “Preparing search index”. During this “indexing” I can’t search. And every time I arrive to a new API doc page and try to do a search, it starts indexing. This basically makes the search unusable.

  3. Cannot select from search results due to UI issues.
    If, by any chance, I am able to search and get back a list of search results, the results presented in a dropdown list with transparent background. This overlaps everything else on the page itself, and makes it virtually impossible to select a search result. I have attached a screenshot of how the search results look like on both FF and Safari (Mac) after searching for the word “page”.

Is the API docs broken or is there a secret to it?


OS X 10.11.6
Safari 11.0.1
Firefox 56.0


I second that!
The search option in the api docs has always been like that. Since I the day I started using {N}, nearly 4 months now.