AOT Compilation succeeds - but still the `Compiler` package included?


I’m invoking :

npm run ns-bundle --android --build-app --uglify

It does succeed , (here is the complete log).

If I go to the report folder (from webpack-bundle-size-analyzer) - I see those two files :


Opening the html file shows :

As you can see ,the compiler from @angular is still there !!!


  1. Why does the compiler still there ? (AOT should remove it). How do I remove it ?
  2. If I hover the bundle.js section it shows me parsed size. so what is stat/parsed size ?

Additional info :

I must say that when I search bundle.js in filesystem - I see two files:

And the second one :

webpack.config.json :
package.json :
main.aot.file :
ts.config.aot :