Anyone here successfully running an iOs emulator/ device on windows?


Anyone here successfully running an iOs emulator/ device on windows using nativescript sidekick with no virtualization?


I’m not sure if that is ever possible local since Xcode is only available at mac, but why not try to build on the cloud service provided by sidekick


Yeah I think you’re out of luck here, nativescript uses the XCode commandline tools to build with, and those aren’t available in windows.

This is why the sidekick cloud build is so handy


I managed to run an iOS emulator on Windows 10 by installing VMware and finding a macOS VMware image which allows me to run a full version of macOS on Windows and then I installed Xcode. This process is actually really easy. A quick search on Google will tell you exactly how to do it.


I’ll shamelessly drop in a disclaimer here that I do not encourage the use of Hackintosh for NativeScript development, and that you do it at your own discretion. :smiley:


Thanks guys. Yes sidekick is really handy and I have manged to do a cloud build for iOs app. Setting up certificate and provisioning took me a while but I am finally there.