Any i18n plugin working on Angular apps?


Hi have tried with current Angular {{N}} these :

ng2-translate, rborn/nativescript-i18n, nativescript-localize and @ngx-translate/core

All of them were throwing a template parsing error due the pipe “‘hello’ | trans” or similar …
Any successful experience out there?

Thanks so much !


I had used nativescript-i18n in past, using nativescript-localize now with Angular apps I never hit there. If the NativeScriptLocalizeModule is imported properly, it should do the trick with pipe.


I’m having this issue, could you check it please?


nativescript-localize working !, I was loading the module on the app.component, but I need to load it also on every page module … against DRY but it’s better than nothing :slight_smile:


That’s the reason why you have to follow shared module :wink:


Now my problem is that App_Resources/iOS/en.lproj/Localizable.strings is not getting updated after changing app/i18n/en.default.json … so the first version translations are displayed :frowning:


Try just cleaning platforms folder, but it usually updates, at least I haven’t hit there.


I have deleted platforms, run using --clean, even delete the iOS simulator and restart … nothing updates the localizable strings :-/


Solved going back and reinstalled