Any future support for Cordova & NPM plugins?


Hello guys,

There are many native Cordova plugins which run on java files.
Is there any way for TypeScript team to make an adapter plugin for those cordova plugins?

They’re still very useful. I love the idea of this Native App based on Angular 5 but I feel there are still more useful plugins available for Cordova and React Native…

I would love to see NativeScript team take some of them and make them work on NativeScript.


I don’t think this is a feasible request.

  1. Cordova is dying. Ionic is moving away from it and building their own solution. After that, that community will wither to nothing.
  2. Most Cordova plugins are so outdated it’s not even funny. They are hacked to all means to maintain deprecated functionality forward and it’s unbearable.
  3. NativeScript plugin development blows the socks off any other “hybrid” app solution (i.e. Cordova, Flutter, React Native). We would rather build plugins using NS methodologies and frameworks than go back to the ugly Cordova days.

Just because plugins exist, doesn’t mean you necessarily need to port them over. Our community is bursting with activity and have an extensive coverage of plugins for almost any app use-case. Anything that doesn’t exist, is usually very feasible to build using NS layouts/UI or quickly pulling in the framework/library and calling native functionality through TypeScript (another win of NS of Cordova).

If there is a plugin you feel like you need for NS that doesn’t exist, you can always:

  1. Build it
  2. Request it
  3. Pay for it (there are freelance developers in this community that do it both for fun and money)


So far there are 8000 npm packages for React Native… 2900 plugins for Cordova and about 800 for NativeScript.
I guess NativeScript needs more time to get the same amount of plugins. Lots of professional plugins just make jobs easier & reduce development time.
Yes, NS plugins cover the most of basic usage but definitely it needs more diverse plugins per specific category.
Please make more tutorial video series, books, plugins, etc! I highly recommend you guys making a formal videocast & tutorial series about NativeScript. For instance, Laravel is doing Laracast
The idea behind NativeScript is amazing but it doesn’t come with enough media materials to communicate with users yet. Lynda tutorials, Packt publishing tutorials are all recommended as well.



Have you taken a look at Same concept that you are asking for, for Laracast :slight_smile:

The more plugins the better, but the primary contributors to plugins have been focusing on core technologies to satisfy the largest majority of app use-cases. A lot of the npm packages for RN and Cordova are duplicates or serve different “niche” UI, which is great for developer choice.

The NativeScript marketplace is also working on promoting their verified plugin offering, which is those professional-grade plugins.

#5 looks great, thanks.

Yeah, tutorial series like this is awesome. More ebooks would be appreciated too and perhaps a youtube channel on NativeScript tips & tricks.

I want to switch to NativeScript from Ionic now… the fact that NativeScript can work with Java API is amazing.


here is a free ebook for Plain Awesome NativeScript (PAN)


You should also give the NativeScript Air (YT channel) a follow then:

There’s a lot of great contributors in this space. The information is a little all over, but it is out there. @NathanaelA and @wwwalkerrun also wrote a very in-depth book.