Animations not working in a lazy loaded module



I cant get to work angular animatons when using lazy loaded feature modules, everything works when routes are being loaded the standard way, but with lazy loading it just doesnt.

Im importing NativeScriptAnimationsModule in the module, i copied the animation example, and nothing happens.
I tried on angular and ns versions 4.4.1 and 5.0.0

And by the way, should the animations module be imported once in root module or in each feature module?

Any help greatly appreciated.


Duplicate of


Changes i had to do:

“NativeScriptModule should be imported only in the root application module (usually named AppModule). All other NgModules in the app (both feature and lazy-loaded ones) should import the NativeScriptCommonModule instead.”

“NativeScriptAnimationsModule should only be imported into your root app module.”