Animating Splash screen using nativescript



I tried customizing nativescript splash screen as mentioned in this post Splash screen in Android and was successful. I would like to add a little bit of animation to this splash screen like in
Can anyone suggest a way to achieve this using nativescript. I have read this post regarding animations Nativescript Animations, but I don’t understand where will we place code given under Splash Screen section :pensive:


Here are few examples discussed in this post.


Thanks for the reply.

I have one doubt. In nativescript, View for splash screen is provided in the splash_screen.xml file under the drawable-nodpi folder in App_Resources(for android). How can we style or animate that splash_screen?Is it possible or do we have to do as suggested in this workaround


It is possible to build your own animation, here is a plugin that makes some default animation where you can customize color / logo etc.,

But if you want to build a complete new animation of your own choice, you can do that too by creating your own activity and set that as launch activity in your manifest.

Once you are done with your animations, you may launch the NativeScript activity as shown here.