Animated icones/sprites


Hello community! Happy to participate. Sorry for my english in advance.

I wanna ask about any ways to achieve animated icons ( analog to animated svg from the web world )

I’ve discovered nativescript-gif plugin. It could be okay but there are no “play once” option. There is nativescript-svg plugin, but it didn’t work for me so far as I use nativescript with angular.

Would be grateful for any info on this topic.


well, there are several ways to create animations with NativeScript: using CSS keyframes, our own animation library, using animate.css, and the standard Angular way of animation if you are using :nng:. Do any of these meet your needs?


Sure, tihs is cool toolbox. I’m using angular state transitions with timeouts and subscription to the router parameters changing to perform router-outlet transitions :slight_smile:

But my question is about performing something like this:


so that looks like something you’d need a plugin for. Right now, you can see what’s available on Animations with transitions aren’t something available right out of the box. But we have plugins for the FAB button, for example, that you’ll find on that site.