Angular vs Vue, which is your preference and why?


I’m looking for opinions on Nativescript with Angular vs Vue. For those with experience in both, I’ve only used Angular, I’m interested in your opinions on app startup speed as Angular is notoriously slow in that regard. I’m also interested in your opinions on building out a pretty large, complex app with each, and which you feel is superior overall.

Thanks in advance for any input!


If you look at the performance benchmarks Vue seems to be at the top, so generally Vue is faster but it may not be true for all sort of requirements or apps and we just got Angular 6 out last week which is much better than it’s earlier versions.

It may be really hard to pick one framework that suits for everyone and every purpose. So choosing one between these two shall be based on your background and knowledge, if you are from a C# / Java background you might like Angular and TypeScript. If you were a web developer you might like Vue as it’s very easy to learn and start.

I personally like Vue - I believe it’s as powerful and featureful like Angular, at same time it’s easier and lightweight.