Angular Tab Route How to


Hello , I am trying to make an app with general Tab navigation. But I wanted to make the main Tab as module . And each of its different tab to load separated new modules. Do you have an idea how I could achieve this.


Tab doesn’t support routing, it’s simply a container. If you still need one, you might have to declare named routers outlets in each tab which is simply complicating in my opinion.


Hi ,
WHat do you mean by named routers outlets (is it a route-outlet or it is a page-route-outlet)


It’s a router outlet, you will assign name to your routers when you have more than one inside a component. As TabView is a component and you want to navigate to different views inside each tab.


In general I am trying to implement this solution, but with difference that I want to use Modules for each different context of tab .


Thats exactly what I meant, glad you found an example. Hopefully this gets better once multiple page router outlet support in enabled in Angular which may likely to happen in upcoming release.


This is example with components But I needed with modules


That’s exactly what I meant, that feature is still under development should be released in next release hopefully.


It’s realized already , but not for Angular , if I understand correctly


Actually support for NativeScript Core is already out in 4.0 release, support for Angular - multiple page router outlets is what under implementation if you read the release notes.