[Angular ] ListView Item Template does not update nested observable



I have a listView with a custom Item template.

<!-- ListView Template -->
<ListView class="list-group" [items]="collection$ | async">
    <template let-item="item">
      <item-summary [item]="item"></item-summary>

The item template contains an Observable, every tick is logged into the console but nothing is updated into the template.

this.myObject$ = xxx
xxx.subscribe(object => console.log(object))  // Update logged into console
<Label [text]="(myObject$ | async)?.name"></Label>

When I move from a listview to an *ngFor, the observable is properly displayed.
As if the custom template was not properly redraw or something. Any idea?



You need to update the subscription with the ngOnChanges for the ChildComponent. Keep in mind that there is a small issue with this, I have it reported here: https://github.com/NativeScript/NativeScript/issues/3978