Angular component as plugin packaging


I have bunch of reusable angular component which I want to share in another project. I am trying to use ng-packagr for building the plugin and I was not successful in doing so.

Can someone guide me how to create plugin using angular components and service, so that I can share with other projects.

I am not sure whether ng-packagr know which “.css” or “.ts” file to pick when we have Android or iOS prefix.

For eg.

selector: ‘my-list’,
templateUrl: ‘my-list.component.html’,
styleUrls: [“my-list.component.css”],

And I have two file “my-list.component.ios.css” and “”, is ng-packagr aware of this difference. When I tried, ng-packagr was complaining it couldn’t find “my-list.component.css”.

Any other solution welcome…