Android Emulator won't run due to lack of space


Hi! New to Nativescript and using it for a capstone project. I’ve been following the tutorials based on this:

And i’ve been running into a few issues based on the emulator and its storage. Based on the errors i’ve been getting, i’m assuming that it’s a space issue. However I can’t seem to find anything that would allow me to edit it. Does anyone have a fix? Thanks!


If you get that error after using an android virtual device for some time (with Android Virtual Device Manager), then just delete the virtual device you were using and create a new one.
If you get that error on first try, I’ll recommend create a new device and click on ‘Show Advanced Settings’ then select a greater ‘Internal Storage’ size (800MB works good for me)


I’ll try it, I had some issues trying to use an emulator made in the Android Virtual Device Manager. It would time out after a few minutes. Was gonna do a fresh re-install of everything to see if that would fix it.