Android emulator does not show the whole screen


have a little problem here don’t know really if its the emulator or the the layout i use but for some reason i don’t see the bottom of the image when i scroll to the bottom here
like the last two images i cant see the “RATE and Comment” buttons and at the bottom right its only showing half of the floating action button

 <StackLayout *tabItem="{title: '', iconSource:'res://hh'}"> 
        <GridLayout tkExampleTitle tkToggleNavButton>
            <RadListView [items]="dataItems" (itemTap)="onCarItemTap($event)" class="list-group">
                <ng-template tkListItemTemplate let-item="item">
                    <GridLayout class="listItemTemplateGrid">
                        <GridLayout verticalAlignment="bottom">
                                <StackLayout class="labelsStackLayout">
                                <Card:CardView margin="5" id="facebookCard" radius="30" elevation="15" class="whiteCard">
                                     <grid-layout  rows="auto, auto,250, auto,"  columns="60, auto, *" class="nelson" >
                                        <Label [text]="item.text" class="avatar-circle" [text]="item.text" textWrap="true" margin="10" row="0" col="0" />
                                        <Label [text]="" textWrap="true" margin="10" class="ne"   row="0" col="1"> </Label>
                                        <Label [text]="item.text" textWrap="true" margin="10" class="nel"  row="0" col="1"></Label>
                                        <Label [text]="item.title" textWrap="true" margin="10" class="me"  row="1" colSpan="3" />
                                        <FrescoDrawee row="2" colSpan="3" height="250" class="ho" stretch="aspectFill"[imageUri]="item.image"></FrescoDrawee>                                         <grid-layout row="3" colSpan="3" rows="auto" columns="auto, auto, auto">
                                            <button text="rate" class="Material info clear-btn gray" col="0" />
                                            <button text="comment" class="Material info  gray" col="1" />
                <!-- >> angular-listview-item-layouts-grid -->
                <ListViewGridLayout tkListViewLayout scrollDirection="Vertical" itemHeight="200" spanCount="2"></ListViewGridLayout>
                <!-- << angular-listview-item-layouts-grid -->
                <FAB (tap)="fabTap()" icon="res://image" rippleColor="#f1f1f1" class="button"></FAB>