Adding two source to RadDataForm


I have two models. A company model and a car model and each model has its own properties.

`export class Company {
name: string;
openingHours: Date;
closingHours: Date;
location: string;
phoneNumber: number;
website: string;




export class Car {
name: string;
seats: string;
class: string;
doors: number;
price: number;
transmission: string;

constructor() {


I need to use this two models in a single RadDataForm so that i could attach some properties within the car model in some input text and company model property in some other input text.
The first problem is, how do i provide two source within the RadDataForm element so that i can use both models within a single form.
The second problem is, I would like to upload this data into firebase but under one entity “Company” so the company properties and the car properties are under one file.

How do I achieve that.
Thank you for your help in advance.