Adding Crashlytics to Nativescript App


I am using the nativescript plugin firebase and trying to to add crashlytics to my app. To do this I am using the fabric app and following the steps to activate crashlytics. I find myself stuck at the step where I am asked to include some lines of code in the AppDelegate.swift or AppDelegate.m file Please see image.

I am not familiar with coding in ObjectiveC or Swift and I cant seem to find these or equivalent files in my nativescript app. Please advise on how I can complete this step to activate crashlytics on my app.



Did you get chance to try nativescript-fabric (
That may help


By the naticescript plugin firebase has also added support for ios


There’s no need to tinker with AppDelegate or any other native code. Just make sure you’ve enabled Crashlytics during setup (where you are prompted which features you want to enable), or manually edit firebase.nativescript.json (in your project’s root folder) and add "crashlytics": true,. Then remove your platforms folder and build again.

It’s all in the doc:


Thanks @nmongiya and @Eddy. Since I am already using the nativescript-plugin-firebase - I have setup the plugin to use crashlytics. Just a quick follow up question - Is there any way /example that I can use to simulate a crash to see the report in the firebase crashlytics dashboard?


There is a neat example here


Thanks @manojdcoder! Tried this - now waiting to see if the crash appears on the dashboard!


Hello @anuragd7, does the crash finally appear on the dashboard ?

I’m trying the same thing and I use @manojdcoder’s example. Application crashes but I’m still stuck on the Firebase console with Crashlytics

I cannot bind my app to Crashlytics with the Fabric application.

Thank you for your help.


Yes it did. Took a few hours though.


Ok I will wait few hours. Thanks.

Did you follow the steps, in particular the “Add Run Script Build Phase” ? I have to add “${PODS_ROOT}/Fabric/run” with API and secret keys. I think firebase plugin add it for us but without keys. I don’t know why. Maybe, it has already linked Firebase console with the NS application.


No. I just setup crashlytics for the firebase plugin as suggested by @Eddy.


Humm still no crash in Firebase / Crashlytics. I tried on simulator and on a real device.
User is detected in analytics dashboard, though.


Whats your {N} version? Are the dSYM files uploaded properly, it happens during build.


My {N} version was 4.0.0. I have just upgraded to 4.1.1 and given a try but it doesn’t work.

I’m pretty sure I’m missing something, I’m quite new to {N} stuff and I don’t know native languages at all (I’m a JS developper). It’s hard to debug this kind of stuff, that’s why I’m here :slight_smile:

Here is a part of the XCode build log, it’s seems OK to me.

If I don’t provide API key in “configure Crashlytics” build phase, build failed in Xcode.

BTW, thank you for giving me a hand guys :wink:


I tried with another (and wrong) API key, log is the same … which tells me I can’t be sure connexion is correctly made with the Crashlytics part of Firebase.


@frodbag have you got it working now?


No. I haven’t been able to make it work :disappointed_relieved: