Adding bottom and right properties on AbsoluteLayout



I started developping with NativeScript about 2 hours ago (I must say that I come from Ionic) and I wanted to add a “floating button” at the bottom right edge of the screen, no matter what the device dimension (like Snapchat).

I looked for a good solution but I didn’t find it. In fact I want to be able to position my button wherever I want. So I used a AbsoluteLayout, and I wanted to use the css properties “right” and “bottom”, like “top” and “left”… but I couldn’t ; there’re not recognized…

Is there a different way of doing this? Am I missing something?

Thanks a lot :-).


Hey @AdrianPal, and welcome to NativeScript!

Unless you want to reinvent the wheel, you should consider downloading and using a readily-available solution - the nativescript-floatingactionbutton (FAB) -

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Thanks ! But can we position the button wherever I want on the screen ?


And why can’t we use the « right » and « bottom » properties?


The right and bottom css properties are not supported, but you have the option of positioning the FAB on any of the 4 corners of the screen.