When I addEventListener to a label embedded in a gridlayout that has a pan eventListener, only one event is fired. This is being added programatically like so.

    lbl.addEventListener('tap', (data:EventData)=>{this.onDragTap(data)});
    gridLayout.addEventListener('pan', (data:PanGestureEventData)=>{this.onPan(data)});

Both events work on ios, but on android I have to comment out 1 to get the other to work. Is there a way for me to have two events on the same elements?


Use data.type to track the exact event, value should be one of GestureTypes


Actually one event is on an element embedded inside of the other element. Does data.type work on two elements?


Android may prevent event on parent element when child element is active. I think you should be just able to use pan event on your gird layout, use type to detect whether it was tap.