Ad_hoc mobile provision suddenly not working after installing plugins



I keep getting the below error after installing a bunch of plugins on my app yesterday, and the app used to build fine on iOS until I installed the plugins. Anyone know what coulod be wrong?

Error detected during LiveSync on e7abe2b6b8f59f1e8974e3088b82ede981d5d99c for /Users/nickdelahunt/Documents/OneDrive/wigital/Mobile apps/MobiWasSA/Project FIles/MobiWash/MobiWashSA. Error: The specified provision: /Users/nickdelahunt/Documents/OneDrive/MobiWash_Ad_Hoc.mobileprovision does not include the specified certificate: /var/folders/rr/ylvgfrjd61d3q5cqfmbyt2jm0000gn/T/e3fd530c-b74a-41d1-a392-232a098bbf45.p12. Please specify a different provision or certificate.



Speaking from the Android side of things, after you install a plugin (tns plugin add *, or through the Sidekick menu) you have to manually remove and re-add the platform (tns platform remove android, tns platform add android).
I would guess the same caveat applies: if you add a plugin you must remove and re-add the platform(s) you want to build for.