Activity Indicator


How can I show activity indicator on startup along with splash screen, because my app take 5sec for startup.


Hi @URvesh
Assuming your app is running with NativeScript Angular,
I would recommend you to read these 2 articles, to make your app
startup faster.


I had two app with nativescript bundle with the webpack along with uglify
and jscrambler

I shifted it in react native with mobx now one is left thks for the help


@URvesh would you care about making a comparison between the two (NS and React Native) in order to provide a constructive feedback? It would be great to learn what you think can be improved, or what made you change your mind and move to RN.


Nativescript is awesome framework, but my app is Salon management app once
the user spend time in the managing booking and all others stuff the app
start lagging doesn’t response well. The app size is more although i uglify
it. Now it became 11.37mb with RN 8.34mb both are universal apk. Loading
time is 4.87sec with RN it is 2.3sec but my clients are happy with RN speed
and the navigation between screeen.

This is what change my mind. react navigation is still beta i really dont
like but page router outlet is gud especially clear history


We’ve shipped a ton of performance improvements over the last handful of releases, especially for Angular apps, so if you ever do get back into NativeScript check out and

Also, on start up you’ll want to make sure you have a splash screen configured, as it’ll help make the start up experience feel smooth. See