Access SIM phone number on both iOS and Android


Hi all, I can only find one plugin that allows me to access the device phone number which is the nativescript-telephony plugin, but that doesn’t access the iphone phone number, only Android.

Does anyone know of a way I can access iOS phone number? I need to pass the user’s phone numb er to my server when they create a booking and I don’t want to have them enter it manually in case they make mistakes when inserting it.

Please advise.


That is simply not possible, Apple doesn’t want you to access those info for security reasons. In one of my apps we had to take advantage of Android but leave iOS as it is.


Thanks. I guess I’ll provide that experience to Android users then. Sucks though, as I hate providing one platform’s users with something the other’s isn’t getting.


I need to do something similar, but don’t have a solution yet. Apple says they will reject your app if it attempts to “fingerprint” the user (i.e., identify the app user).


This is why Apple sucks! With Android you just need to ask the user’s permission and all is good. If the user allows it then it should be okay.