About the Web and Mobile Code Sharing category


This category covers all the ways you can share code between web and mobile. Mostly you will be using :nng: for this type of thing, as the code sharing is often enabled by the use of Angular.

The main repository of the seed to help you spin up a code sharing project is here:

Also available is the nativescript-ngx-magic repo, which allows one to drop a NativeScript app in an Angular project:

There are other examples available here:

PocketRave by Jen Looper:

Practice Buddy also by Jen:


A stripped-down version of the Advanced Seed by Jen, TJ VanToll and Tara Manicsic:


Hi, do you know if the new Nativescript schematics mobile/web code sharing features will support also Ionic as a framework ? I know it supports Angular6, but no mention of Ionic (v3 or v4)…

One of my biggest dreams would be to take a Ionic 3+ project and convert it easily to a Nativescript one.

Thanks in advance