About the Tips and Tutorials category


Have you figured out how to do something useful with NativeScript? Share it! Rather than asking questions, this category is meant for sharing those little bits of knowledge that you’ve discovered so everyone can benefit from your experience. These can be in text or video format.

The “Tips” category should be used to share useful tips, tricks or hints that you’ve discovered while working with NativeScript. Some guidelines for topics in this category:

  • When sharing, try to specify the version of NativeScript you’re working with
  • Link to any relevant documentation articles, blog posts or similar content that helped you create your tip
  • Don’t use this category to ask new questions (there are lots of other categories for that!)
  • DO, however, feel free to ask follow-ups on existing tips to help make them better

All topics in this category are automatically “wiki” topics, meaning the community can help edit and keep them accurate over time. Thanks for sharing!