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Are you facing any trouble using the NativeScript Pro UI components in NativeScript? Ask it here!, this category is meant for asking about any issue you might face while working with Pro UI components. The questions can be in text, image or video format.

Some guidelines for topics in this category:

  • When sharing, try to specify the version of NativeScript you’re working with

  • Be clear on what the issue is, also add supporting code/ logs if any

  • Make sure to do a search before creating an issue, to avoid repeated topics

  • If you have tried to solve the problem yourself, include what you’ve tried

  • If you find a solution, be sure to come back and post it here, someone might find it helpful

  • If someone’s answer worked for you, mark it as accepted answer

  • Feel free to ask follow-ups on existing issues

All topics in this category are automatically “wiki” topics, meaning the community can help edit and keep them accurate over time.