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const viewModel = observableModule.fromObject({
email: "js@nativescript.com",
password: “nscore”,
confirmPassword: “”,
isLoggingIn: true,
toggleForm() {
this.isLoggingIn = !this.isLoggingIn;
In the code above,when I enter different email or password I get an error like "Unfortunately we could not find your account."I think its because of Kinvey but I don’t know how to configure properly.How can I overcome this problem? BTW,this is the exact js code I find from


Do you have a Kinvey account configured with a app key and secret? If Yes, did you try updating the values of same in backend-service.js?


There exists app key and secret but I don’t know how to configure them.How can I do that? It’s like

const Kinvey = require("kinvey-nativescript-sdk").Kinvey;
const kinveyAppKey = "kid_SyY8LYO8M";
const kinveyAppSecret = "09282985d7c540f7b076a9c7fd884c77";
const kinveyUsername = "admin";
const kinveyPassword = "admin";


Kinvey is a paid service, only very limited amount of access come free. Login to Kinvey Console and follow the instructions.

And Yes, you will have to update the app key and secret in the above code once you have your own. To Login you will have to first Signup the user.