A layout with labels that break down to next line


I’m trying to have a layout that is filled with elements and I want them to act like a textview so that when a label doesn’t fit in the layout, the label breaks down to the next line. I’m trying to do this because certain words need to be able to be clicked on, but it has to be paragraph like. FlexboxLayout seems to work nicely for the labels to go along in a left to right manner, but when they reach the edge of the layout they don’t break down to the next line but continue off the screen. Is there a layout method to achieve this?


I think we discussed this earlier, there is no layout that full-fills your expectation because Layout or View is always rect in shape. I think it’s even same in case of native iOS / Android, you have to use FormattedStrings.


Actually, it looks like WrapLayout is working with labels. I can’t use FormattedStrings, because I have to bind event tap to the labels. FormattedStrings don’t seem to allow for the attachment of events.