A "forward" navigation button?


I know that there is a “back” navigation button that Nativescript implements through its actionbar: https://docs.nativescript.org/ui/action-bar .

Is there a way of having a forward navigation button?

So that, for instance:
i) user is on page 3,
ii) user presses “back” button to go to page 2,
***iii) user presses “forward” button to go forward again to page 3, in the same state that page 3 was when user left it. This would be the “forward” button I am looking for.

(the keeping of state would mimic the keeping of state that the back button displays.)

I know the forward button is not as common on mobile devices. But is it possible?


As you already mentioned its not a common use case nor supported by native platform. But anything should be possible when business needs it :sweat_smile: It’s up to you how you may implement your logic.